Sharing Economy Bookkeeping for AirBNB Etsy Uber Lyft Drivers

At Profit First we understand that the continued growth and acceptance of sharing economy is leading to more people venturing into self employed and independent business for the first time. Sharing, gig or on-demand economy business owners do not have the financial discipline and understanding of how to maintain their income and expense records for year end taxes.


Profit First works closely with Airbnb property owners, Uber and Lyft drivers, etsy ecommerce business owners. By working with us they no longer need to learn about financial accounting and tax record keeping. The less time they need to spend in maintaining financial records themselves the more time they get in growing their businesses and practices.


At Profit First we understand how booking can be boring, tedious and overwhelming for the sharing economy workers, freelancers and business owners. The sharing, gig or on-demand individuals are driven by passion for what they do and financial accounting and bookkeeping is not one of them.


Profit First has designed a tailor made program for sharing economy service providers. Our clients no longer need to maintain receipts in a shoebox and drop it off at our offices. Moving all accounting and bookkeeping to the cloud and leveraging technology enables us and our clients to keep our services efficient and their books more accurate. We achieve this by using our experience, educating our self-employed clients, leverage technology and automation along with financial systems and processes. We keep up with financial compliance and continuously educate our sharing, gig or on-demand economy clients.