At Profit First we understand that restaurant owners need to provide a quality product and a service with very little time and budget. Instead of managing the bookkeeping, restaurant owners need to use that time to improve their businesses. Our team knows how to work with point of sale, cost of goods sold, chart of accounts, labor, expenses, and prime costs.


Profit First serves all types of restaurant clients including fast food, fine dining, pop up restaurants, food trucks, drink and beverage, family style, casual, cafeteria, cafes, and more.


At Profit First we understand how bookkeeping can be boring, tedious and overwhelming for restaurant owners. Avoid costly mistakes, know which foods are making you the most money, and make better decisions with accurate financial statements.


Profit First has designed a tailor made program for those in the restaurant industry. No more long hours up at night trying to reconcile transactions from your point of sale system. Moving all accounting and bookkeeping to the cloud and leveraging technology enables us and our clients to keep our services efficient and their books more accurate. We achieve this by using our experience, educating our self-employed clients, leverage technology and automation along with financial systems and processes. We keep up with financial compliance and continuously educate our restaurant clients.