What We Do

We are a team of Bookkeepers, Accountants and CFOs. We are on a mission to change the way bookkeeping is done forever. We use a powerful combination of skilled professionals and automated data entry through the use of robotic automation processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). We make sure your financial statements are accurate every single month, so you have the real-time insights necessary to make better business decisions.

We assign a single point of contact to your business. Our team enters your transactions every month, records month end adjustments, reconciles all accounts, and provides you the reports you need. If you need more than that, we offer two plans that will give you a part-time accountant or CFO who can help you navigate the financial challenges of your business. We are happy to discuss your business and determine what works best for you. If you need help getting your books in order for prior periods, you can count on the Profit First Bookkeeping team. We are able to customize a plan to help you accomplish your tasks and financial goals.

Singularly Focused

There is not another bookkeeping service out there like the one we offer. We are singularly focused on making sure business owners are not stressed about bookkeeping. Our team ensures your financial statements are accurate at the end of each month. If you put bad data in, you’re going to get bad data out. Timely, availability to good business data and insights will help you make better business decisions. We make sure you invest your energy in building and growing your business and not worry about bookkeeping.


“Profit First is the very best bookkeeping solution for my small business. The monthly recurring charge really lets me control my operating budget and know what to expect. The communication and customer service are top notch.” - Larisa Makarova, Digital Success

Top Reasons To Use Profit First

Frees up your time to run your business and do what you’re best at!

It’s super affordable, you’re saving a lot of money on errors and employee payroll!

Our expert bookkeeping teams guarantee accuracy so you can have peace of mind!

You have access to experts who are full of invaluable advice!

Reduce the possibility of fraud happening in your business!